Apr 22

Start a Balloon Twisting Business

In general, starting any business is tough, and any assistance afforded the new business person is always appreciated.   Starting a balloon twisting business has been successfully done by many.   Here are a few additional tips to help get the business going quickly, attracting new customers, staying busy and eventually making money.

Document Your Designs

Take some time and list all the balloon designs, characters, hats, animals and so on that you can professionally twist.   Once listed, document the design of each one.   Just a few facts about the design will due.   Record the type of balloons used, how much they are inflated, any unique style you have applied to the twist and then take a picture of the finished product.

Create Your Personal Portfolio

Once documented, post all the pictures of your designs in a nice portfolio book that you can show to anyone who wants to see what you can do as a balloon artist.   In the beginning, I had pictures of each of my twists on my cell phone, but it didn’t have significant impact until I transferred the pictures to a formal portfolio book.

Make YouTube Videos and Perform for Friends and Relatives (Rehearsal)

To be a successful twister and performer you must have a way to rehearse.   This rehearsal can be by making YouTube videos.   You may not publish the videos you make, but putting pressure on yourself to perform while being tapped, will help concentrate your skills and give you the twisting maturity to perform in front of birthday party kids, restaurant customers, or a corporate party.   In addition, look for other rehearsal opportunities like performing for family and friends.   Break out your balloons at informal gatherings and twist a few animals for the attendees.   Treat it seriously, and do a good job.    Putting the pressure on yourself when it doesn’t matter will prepare you for the times when it does matter.

Find a Niche

It is a good idea to try and find a niche in the balloon twisting world at which you can become an expert or create a unique position for yourself in the market.   If you simply twist a simple one balloon dog for everyone, you won’t become a unique talent that people will seek out.   Though you should have a broad base of balloon creations you can produce, if you are an expert in unique fish designs, or super heroes, or some other niche, you will have something extra of value to make you different and maybe better than the crowd.

Make Sure Potential Customers Can Find You

If people can’t find you they can’t hire you.   Create, or have someone help you create a website.   These days, any business needs a website.   There are plenty of website creation formats that don’t require you to be an expert programmer to have a site.   WordPress is one very good example.   With WordPress, the normal person off the street, with a little diligence, can create their own very nice website.

Use FaceBook.   Though you might not be a fan of FaceBook, everyone uses FaceBook and they can find you there.   There are more than 500,000,000 people on FaceBook and you should post pictures of your work and link to your website.   Connect to everyone you can so they can see your daily posts.    Publish your website URL so they can link to it and see your work.

Initially, Give Away Your Balloon Creations

In the beginning, twist balloon characters, animals, and such and give them away.   Twist a couple of things every night, keep them with you in the car and give them to someone as you go about your day.   Of course, a business card will be attached to every creation so they know who made the sculpture and how they can get more.   Twist a small flower bouquet for the dining room table.   If you are going to give blood, twist a little Dracula character and give it to the technicians.   Twist a little fish or frog and set it on the desk of a co-worker.   The opportunities are endless.   If your work is good, and people can see it, they will hire you.

Be organized and get your work product out into the public eye.   Giving your work away will not be expensive and it’s the best way to introduce yourself to potential customers.


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