Jun 16

Marketing Your Balloon Twisting Business

I’ve written several times about ways for balloon artists to market their business.   It seems like a good time for a reminder and to see if any balloon artists/readers have had success with any of the methods presented previously.

Giving Away Balloon Sculptures

Most interesting is the concept of giving away balloon sculptures at critical times and at critical locations.   I have had enormous success giving away balloon flower bouquets at hospital gift shops and in hospital maternity wards.    If you have tried this method and had success please take a minute or two and reply to this post.   I would really like to know if anyone took the advice to heart, and did it work.

I continue to find opportunities to give away balloon animals and other balloon sculptures to people who shortly after receiving the gift become new customers.   Most recent has been the effort to twist balloon animals and characters for the 7 year old kids who attend my wife’s Sunday school class.   About every other week I make a balloon sculpture for each of the children in her class, handing them out as their parents come to the room to pick them up.   Not only do the kids love the balloons, but the parents are amazed at them as well.   Doing this for a few weeks has resulted in an engagement on the Fourth of July to twist balloon for the church’s holiday celebration.

These giving opportunities are literally everywhere you look.   The trick is to constantly be twisting balloons and having them handy to give away at the right time.   If I don’t leave the house with a balloon sculpture ready to go each morning, I will often stop the car for 15 minutes, get out my emergency supply of balloons that I keep in my briefcase, and twist something to give away.   Business cards are always attached to the balloon, and I make sure the recipients know who I am and how they can contact me.

Balloon Give Away Opportunities Are Everywhere

But let’s get back to the hospitals as a source for new business.   The mind set of people either in the hospital themselves or there to visit someone they know is perfect.   It’s a giving atmosphere, and giving balloons is what we do.   It’s not like giving away anything else.   Balloons are unique, and balloon sculptures even more unique and infrequently seen by your average citizen.   The combination of the hospital atmosphere and balloon sculptures is what makes this opportunity so explosive.   If you haven’t tried it, please take an hour and give it a try.   I can virtually guarantee this effort will result  in new business.   You may even get an order right on the spot.   It’s happened to me.    As I gave a flower bouquet to a new father back in February, he instantly asked me for two more bouquets, one to give to his wife the next day while still in the hospital, and another for the house that she would see and get when bringing home the baby.

It’s absolutely pure gold.    In addition to the commercial success, it’s incredibly rewarding.    I urge you to test this method for yourself.   It will work and you will have a blast.


  1. Barry Perhamsky

    I too am a balloon artist/twister, and yes I always carry some balloons with me.
    You just never know the opertunity. Even if you twist a little poodle and hand them a business card, who knows if this will generate business.

    Barry Perhamsky

  2. Gill

    I keep balloons on me at all times and have great response giving away small balloons in store or gas station etc. I had not thought of taking a sculpture or bouquet with me. I know I get awesome results with the simple so I can only image with the other. I will start making it a policy to have some ready made to go with me on my errands. I will keep you posted.
    God Bless

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