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How To Make Cool Balloon Animals

So, you want to know how to make cool balloon animals?   Well, it’s not as simple as it sounds.   Just ask an experienced balloon artist or balloon twister who has been working at balloon art for 10 or 15 years and they will tell you it takes a variety of experiences.

How to Make Cool Balloon Animals – Step One

One of the best ways to learn how to make cool balloon animals is to learn from the experience of others.   Balloon artists are very open to sharing their talents as evidenced by the huge number of balloon twisting videos posted on YouTube.   Talk about a gold mine of experience!    There are hundreds of video tutorial instructions outlining how to make cool balloon animals.   When I started twisting, YouTube did not exist, so to see a balloon twister you would have to stumble on a carnival or fair or some other place where a balloon artist was performing.    Trust me, they aren’t easy to find.    But, with the advent of the internet and particularly YouTube, all one has to do is log in, initiate a search for whatever we define as a cool balloon animal, and pages of video will be returned.

So, sit down and watch a few videos, paying particular attention to the technique used by the various twisters.

The next step to making cool balloon animals would be to buy some twisting balloons and a pump and start to practice.    Don’t buy the twisting balloons from Walmart or Target.    If you are serious about twisting balloon animals, those balloons will only frustrate you.    Quality twisting balloons available on the internet or from a local distributor will allow you to duplicate the twists, pulls and pressures put on the balloons when twisting.   The cheap balloons will pop very easily and you won’t be able to properly execute a tight pinch twist.    There are several balloon brands that professionals use, one of which is Qualatex.    So get some professional twisting balloons.   The ones you want are called 260Q’s, and you can buy a bag of mixed colors to get started.

The next step would be to learn several basic twists.    The important ones are the pinch twist or ear twist, the flower petal twist, the tulip twist and making different sized balloon bubbles.    You will be required to make one inch bubbles, two inch bubbles, three inch bubbles and so forth up to about ten inch bubbles.   The most common bubbles would be 1/2 inch through about four inches.    If you have to lay a ruler in front of you and twist the different bubble lengths by holding the balloon next to the ruler, then so be it.   With regard to the other basic twists, go to YouTube and search for “basic twists” and you will get several tutorials from professional balloon artists.

So you’ve got some balloons, you’ve looked at 20 or 30 videos on how to make cool balloon animals, and you can do the basic balloon twists.   So much for the easy part.   Next, select about three or four designs that you think are cool balloons animals.   If would be best if they were one balloon designs to being with.    As you practice over some time you can start to tackle balloon designs that incorporate two, three, four or even more balloons.

Time to Go To Work

So that’s it.    You’ve got a basic plan for learning how to make cool balloon animals.    Once you’ve mastered these beginning steps, you’re ready to move along and tackle more challenging designs.   Don’t be fooled, twisting balloons well takes time and practice.   If you truly want to develop into a twister that knows how to do really cool balloon animals, you will need time and practice.  Don’t be discouraged, it’s worth the time and effort.   Once you can twist balloons well, you will look back and be glad you invested yourself in this very rewarding and fulfilling art.    Good luck!


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