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  1. Tampa Balloon Guy

    Love the site… Just now getting to look through it and try to find all the little balloon gems. Thanks for sharing!

  2. suliva

    nice balloon inctruction…

  3. Bafemence

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  4. PSP3000

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  5. hournWournofE

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  6. millerart

    I’m missing seeing any new tutorials…are you OK or just plain busy?

    1. admin

      New tutorials coming very soon. Been on vacation and just busy. Thanks for asking.

      1. Peter Miller

        Excellent! Glad everything is OK and am looking forward to seeing what you do next. I appreciate all of the effort you have gone to to make a terrific site.

  7. millerart

    Interesting that you are doing a forum. 2 of the forums I visit have almost no activity. Hope yours does well.

    Miller Art

    1. admin

      Miller Art
      I got several requests to start a forum, so we brought it up yesterday. We maintain the site daily and add daily content to keep things interesting and fun. Our goal is to be the ultimate destination for balloon artists so we will keep the forum going with the help of all the balloon artists out there and the general public who are interested in balloon art. Thanks for visiting the site and noticing the forum. We value every single visitor and appreciate your comments.

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