May 22

Balloons for Wedding Party

A couple of months ago I met a nice woman who was getting prepared to see her grown son get married for the second time.    The wedding party and selected friends and family had decided to gather the night before the wedding at an outdoor park and have a pre-wedding celebration.

Word of Mouth Advertising Really Works

Luckily for me, this woman saw one of my balloon creations and asked me what I could do to make the party better using balloons.    The first thing I wanted to know was if there were going to be any kids a the party.   Since it was a family get-together, all family members were invited, so there would be plenty of kids.    We decided that it might be fun to pre-twist a balloon creation for every child that was going to be there and hand each of them their completed balloon character or animal at the party.

Of course, there would be some risk in preparing something for each child because what if that child didn’t like the balloon that was twisted for them, or compared what they got with something given to another child and was disappointed.    Even with the potential down side we decided to move ahead with this plan.

Would the Kids Be Satisfied with their Balloons?

One of the downsides of not being an on-site balloon performer is that there is a lot of work to do before the actual event.   You have to make time to twist all the balloons in advance, and you can’t start too early or the balloon creations won’t be fresh.   About two weeks before the event I got the list of kids that were going to attend.    There would be 26, ranging in ages from 6 months to 15 years old.

I calculated that since the party was on Friday night I would have to start twisting on Wednesday evening, after getting home from work.   It would more than likely take me all of Wednesday and Thursday evenings to get all the balloons twisted.   Starting any earlier just wasn’t an option because the balloons might start to wilt a bit before the Friday night event.

I must say, it was fun trying to decide what to twist for each of the kids.   I had the list in front of me, with names and ages, and I just started twisting things that I thought would work.    After two night of twisting I was done, and the array of characters and animals looked pretty good.

What I was most impressed with was the way the kids handled the situation when the balloons were handed out to them on Friday night at the party.    I don’t think there was a single child that complained or looked disappointed with what they got.    This is not only a huge credit for the family, but a side note that balloons never seem to disappoint anyone, especially children.   The pictures are a few of the items twisted for this weekend event.


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