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Elmo Balloon Creation

This page has a number of different Elmo balloon designs and twisting methods.   The first video below is my Elmo creation consisting of common elements from many other twists.   The head, body, arms and legs are all commonly twisted parts, as is the head.   Just kind of put the ideas together and came up with this Elmo.   Please visit my YouTube channel at rouwster1 to see additional balloon twisting videos.

The video below is from balloontwister on YouTube.   I selected this video because it’s an Elmo balloon twist quite different from the Elmo I learned to twist and the one I have seen from a lot of other twisters.    That’s what’s great about YouTube, you can find all kinds of different designs and ways to make the same balloon character.   Give this Elmo a try.  You might like it better than the one you current do.   Beginners also may find this Elmo easier to twist than some other designs.


As mentioned above, there are many different designs for the same balloon creation.   Bauldy the Clown does the Elmo in the video below.   Notice how very different the heads are between the two designs.   Be sure and visit Bauldy’s website by clicking here.

So, you want simple Elmo?    Like I said, there are numerous ways to skin a cat, or make an Elmo in this case.   The twist below is from Pumpkintheclown1 on YouTube.   Please visit his channel for other designs.


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